Monday, August 1, 2011

Reunions and Love

Like many of you, we had a couple of reunions this summer.

I won't mention exactly which year my husband and I graduated from our two high schools, but it was in 19 hundred something, and we just returned from reuniting with our classmates.

I suppose to an outsider the people we went to school with aren't anymore outstanding than those you knew growing up, but to us they are TOP NOTCH. They are real, humble and proud, hard working, loyal, friendly, sweet, strong, God loving and lovers of their country. They aren't perfect, but they are none-the-less wonderful.

While it was sad to know some of our childhood friends couldn't be with us because God had called them home, we understood they were with us in spirit, sharing their humor and their love with us.

Those of our classmates who were able to return to their roots shared warm hugs, heart-felt smiles, a few tears, tremendous joy and a few drinks and eats.

Life is full of so much sorrow and pain at times. Having lived for a number of decades, our former classmates and we understand this well. So do you, even if the number of decades you've lived is no more than two. That is why, when we are fortunate enough to reconnect with people from our past we are gloriously willing to put behind us the sad things from our childhood and rejoice in each others' successes in family, hobbies, love and friendship.

NOTE: [and this comes from a former teacher :-)] The most important part of our education has happened since high school.

In the years since graduation we've learned that loving and holding onto each other is better than anything else life has to offer.

Receiving love from and giving love to God, our families, our friends, our countrymen and our classmates--this is the secret to happiness.


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

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