Monday, August 8, 2011

Clouds and Rainbows

When was the last time you "wasted" time staring at clouds or rainbows?

It seems we always have a ton of things to tend to on our "to do" lists, so many things, in fact, that we forget how important it is to take time to stop a while and just relax.

Stare at clouds, sniff fragrant flowers, examine the colors of the rainbow, pull a leaf from a tree and notice its veins, color and texture. Take hold of your child's (or grandchild's) hand, feel her warmth, look into her innocent eyes. Pet your dog, play with your cat, laugh at your pet's silly expressions and activities.

Fill your heart with a sunset, catch a breath of August evening air as it cools from the heat of the day, walk through an orchard or a garden.

It is in relaxation that we are refreshed in mind and spirit. When our spirits are refreshed we feel better, look better and produce better.

In other words, just in case you need an excuse to make yourself take some time off, know your "to do" list will shrink much faster if you relax a while and refresh your spirit because you'll be more productive after a soothing break.

Sound good? I think so.

Have a great week, and don't work too hard.


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

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