Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Real Life Romance

If we didn't want "happily ever after" in our lives, romantic fiction wouldn't be as popular as it is.

Being a writer of sweet romance, my life revolves around creating fictional characters who have challenging problems to overcome in order to find their "happily ever after" in holy matrimony.

What a blissful day it is when we find "happily ever after" romance in a real-life situation.

This past weekend I was able to attend the wedding of a very special woman. I've known the bride since she was born. She was a beautiful little girl, full of energy. She's always had a great zest for life and a wonderful, warm love for people.

On her wedding day, this lovely woman was more beautiful than ever in every way. Her energy and zest for life was at its zenith as she danced to her recessional music with her handsome groom at her side while they exited the church after the ceremony.

What a thoroughly exquisite day! Rarely do magnificent moments occur in our lives. I'm going to savor this "happily ever after" one for a long, long time.


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

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