Monday, January 14, 2013

Free E-Books

Everyone likes Free Books, Games and other forms of entertainment they can enjoy on a handheld device or a computer. I know between books and games, I give my Kindle a good workout just about everyday, and, yes, some of my content was free.

Many thousands of readers have enjoyed my popular Historical Romance "Change of Heart" as a free download (a number 1 bestseller at Amazon in Historical Romance).

In October the first book of my new Historical Romance "Tender Mysteries Series" was released as a Free Download, and readers are downloading it like crazy. Thank you very much for your positive response!

And speaking of thank yous, I'd like to thank the hundreds of readers who participated in my two recent Good Reads contest giveaways for paperback editions of the "Tender Mysteries Series" and the "Heart Junction Series."

Now, back to the Free Books. In addition to "Change of Heart" and "Resurrected" "Crossed Wires," a popular contemporary romance short story, is also available as a free download.

"Resurrected" -- July, 1895: An investigation into a series of thefts leads Deborah Willet to a compelling man and a shocking discovery about another love in her life.

"Resurrected" is available as a free download at: Barnes and Noble, I-Books, Kobo Books and other sites on the Internet. It is available at Amazon for 99 cents, but if you tell Amazon "Resurrected" is available for Free at other sites, they will price match it so you can get it for free there too.

"Change of Heart" -- 1850s Nebraska. A woman is stranded in a territory she despises with a man she cannot resist.

"Change of Heart" is available as a free download at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, I-Books, Kobo Books, and other sites on the Internet.

"Crossed Wires" -- Hank Garcia, thinking he was going to Melanie Baker's house to fix an electrical problem, gets the shock of his life.

"Crossed Wires" is available as a free download at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, I-Books, Kobo Books, and at other sites on the Internet.

Dear Readers, thank you again for your tremendous support. If you have not yet read the above Free Books, I do hope you have the time to enjoy them with my heartfelt gratitude for your interest in my stories.

God Bless You always,


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