Monday, December 3, 2012

Achieving Happiness at Christmastime

The holiday season has arrived. Shopping, Christmas cards, beautiful trees, garlands, lights, Nativity Scenes, warm hearts and generous spirits.

The weeks before and during Christmastide are busy and beautiful.

Although this time of year can be a hectic one, all of the bother is worth the effort when we see others enjoy the fruits of our labors. A look of appreciation when someone receives a gift we've given them, the "mmm" we hear when someone delights in something we've cooked or baked, and, most importantly, the uplifting feelings we experience in our hearts when we sing Christmas carols in church on Christmas morning fill us with a warmth and satisfaction we just don't seem to experience in the same way at any other time of the year.

Difficult times happen throughout the year--including Christmastime. When tragedy has come upon us, we might not feel like allowing ourselves to enjoy this beautiful season. If we give in to those feelings of sadness, however, (and it is often too easy to give in) surely we will miss out on a special time which can otherwise lift our degenerated spirits.

More than ever, Christmastime is the best time to do good things for others, especially when we are going through difficult times ourselves. It's best that we not feel sorry for ourselves but rather reach out and volunteer in our community, bake goodies for our neighbors, help an elderly individual decorate her home, tend to someone else's needs when they are going through a rough time.

It is surprising how quickly our loneliness and deeply sad feelings can be set aside, at least for a while, by doing kind deeds for others, whether we are rewarded with a "thank you" from those we tend to directly or we are happy only in the knowledge that we've helped someone we will never meet face to face.

Remember, Christmas is a time for joy even in the midst of sorrow--even if we are not well enough to participate with our churches and communities--because "Unto us is born a Savior, Christ the Lord." And He is always there to help us through our sad times and celebrate our good times. He really, truly is.

Wishing all of my Readers and Everyone a very Merry Christmas...


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