Monday, June 4, 2012

The Work We Do

Fiction writers are one of those kind of people who do what they do because it's in their blood. They can't NOT write. Whether or not they are ever published, they write.

I believe there are a good many professions where the people involved are doing what they do because it is a part of their heart and soul.

People in the medical profession, for example, the ones who work directly with patients, are laboring under conditions many of us would have a hard time dealing with. If their work wasn't a part of who they are, how could they stand the stress of it, the demands of it?

Over the years people have often said to me, how can you put together great stories the way you do? I could never do it.

I could ask a police officer, a soldier and a nurse a similar question. How can you put up with felons or enemy combatants or disgruntled patients? I could never do it.

Fortunately for all of us, God made us different. When we put our talents to good use we can create a pretty good environment in which to exist. Whether we're talking about the blessed farmers who produce the world's food, the courageous soldiers who protect our freedoms, the loving parents who tend to the needs of their children, the inventive entrepreneurs who provide us with wonderful material goods and services, or the much less significant contributors to society such as writers like me, we can all make life better for someone. Sometimes, we make life better for many someones.

Whatever work you do, dear reader, I thank you for the good contributions you make to your family, your religious affiliations, your neighborhood and your country.

God bless you.


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author
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Sydell Voeller said...

Some good food for thought, Fran!

Sydell Voeller

Fran Shaff said...

Thanks, Sydell!