Monday, January 23, 2012

Working on Multiple Projects

Some writers work on only one project at a time, others work on multiple projects simultaneously.

I'm the kind of writer who has to have lots of things going on at once. I'm the same way with my hobbies. For example, I have several quilts in various stages of construction, and I've got three afghans I'm knitting too. I like to work on whatever I'm inspired to do on a particular day.

Well, not really.

It's okay to pick and choose a project when it comes to hobbies like quilting and knitting, but things are not as malleable when it comes to a person's job.

Where writing is concerned, I choose a plan of action and stick to it. Usually. Our work, like other things in life, is subject to change for various reasons, but I've found I can be most productive by scheduling my writing and sticking to it as strictly as possible.

While it certainly is easier to work when inspiration hits, a writer who wants to accomplish anything needs to work every day--literally, EVERY day.

Those of you who have been writing for a few years know well what I'm talking about. We can't slack off. Once we do, it's very difficult to get back in the groove and be productive again.

However, working constantly can sometimes drain a person's energy. So, if you're beginning to lose heart, if you're feeling overwhelmed by your current work in progress, don't stop writing. Instead, turn to another project and work on it for a while.

Sometimes the change of scene or the break you need can be met with starting work on something different instead of stopping work altogether.

If you haven't yet tried working on multiple projects, give it a chance. It might just up your inspiration and cure your malaise.


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

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