Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Published, Part 5

I have yet to meet a writer who enjoys marketing. Most of us want only to sit at our computers and create more stories.

However, once our books are published it essential that we let people know the books are available.

There are many ways in this modern age in which we can tell the public about our books. A few Internet options available to us are:

1. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

2. Yahoo and Google groups and other Internet groups

3. You Tube and sites like it

4. Forums such as Kindlebooks and other reader forums

5. Websites which specialize in catering to readers of your genre

In addition, we can send press releases to local media and any specialty media which would find the topic of our book relevant, solicit book reviews, use any contacts we have which may help the public become aware of our books.

One of the tools many writers have used effectively since the advent of e-books is the offering of a book free of charge. Writers have consistently found that by offering one book as a free download readers who enjoy the book will go on to purchase more books by the same author.

The more exposure your book has the better, but don't nag readers or beg them to read your books. If you're promoting on social networks or forums, talk about things other than your books. Readers enjoy getting to know a little about you. Mention the projects you're working on once in a while or give a link to an excerpt from time to time, but don't sell, sell, sell. That usually just turns off Internet acquaintances.

Best wishes and good luck with your writing career. I hope the direction you've chosen to take works out for you just the way you want it. And thanks for joining me for this series on getting published.


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

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