Monday, October 10, 2011

Relax with Classic Love Stories

Classic stories of love have been favorites among readers for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

I love all kinds of stories of love, that's why I write stories about love.

But my stories aren't only about romantic love. They're about family love. Except for the love of God, is there any more powerful love than that shared within a family?

Love doesn't mean life is all flowers and sunshine. Sometimes families which are filled with love can also be filled with strife, but if true love exists just about anything hurtful and negative can be overcome--at least in fiction this can happen. (Hopefully in real life too, at least some of the time.)

I call my books "Family Novels" because they are about families and because they are suitable for most members of the family. My classic romances are written for adults, but they are suitable for teens. My "YA" books are enjoyed by those aged ten and older. [I, like many other writers, enjoy YA and Middle Reader books. They aren't only for kids. :-)]

In a world where things move quickly, and our lives often leave little time to enjoy the slower pace of relaxing and reading something besides e-mail, text messages and headlines, the moments we take to enjoy classic stories about love are precious ones indeed.

Here's hoping you enjoy whatever it you're reading this week...


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

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