Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Technique and Personal Experience in Writing

If a writer wants to learn more about his craft he will find many, many books and articles available which discuss the techniques of writing.

Personally, I've read dozens of books about writing. Most of them are good. Like many other writers, I have a few favorites. These treasured teachers helped me a great deal in the beginning of my career. One or two of my old friends assist me with every project I write.

Despite the fact that an abundance of good writing books are available to inquisitive writers, it seems we are always looking for more helpful advice from fellow writers and editors. Why? Because writing is a very complicated job. Because writing good books is a difficult job. And because writers are sensitive people who often lose confidence in their abilities and need "coaching" occasionally which will reassure them that they do have the ability to continue to produce quality work--provided they are willing to work hard enough to reach their goals.

However, as important as it is to keep writing skills honed by reading good books and articles on writing, it is an author's heart which enhances the specialness or uniqueness of any literary creation.

Technique, skill and a good command of language are very important to the production of quality writing. Equally important are the one-of-a-kind insights a writer brings to her project. No one has lived the life of a particular individual except that person. No one has seen things the way he sees them. No one has made his identical choices, experienced his life history, related to his particular parents as he has.

So, writers, read, study, learn your craft well, then use what you've learned in books and in life. Let your heart guide your stories as completely as you let your intellect integrate your crafting skills into your next project. The more personal your story, the more enjoyment you'll give your readers.


Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

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