Saturday, September 13, 2008

Make Dreams Happen

You cannot let people keep you from realizing your dreams.

This may sound simple, but it really isn't. Especially if one of your dreams is to become a published writer.

At times when we share a goal we hope to achieve with someone we know, particularly a lofty goal, they may demean us or express extreme disbelief that we could ever accomplish such a dream.

Being human and often unsure of ourselves, we have a tendency to take what others say to heart. A negative word about our dreams, particularly from a loved one, can cause us to abandon goals, particularly those goals which are particularly challenging.

If I had listened to nay sayers, I'd have never published my first book. I wouldn't now have more than a dozen published books to my credit.

Reaching a dream is usually not easy, but, if it is important to us, we'll face all obstacles until our goal is achieved. Then we'll set higher goals and continue to grow our dreams.

Don't let other people keep you from realizing your dreams, but, most importantly, don't let yourself keep you from achieving that lofty goal.

If want you to be a published writer, never give up. Read, study, learn all you can. And write. Write, write, write.

The awesome feeling you will receive when you hold that first published novel in your hand is only the beginning of many wonderful things to come.

Just you wait and see..............


Loretta C. Rogers said...

It's all true, Fran. Every word. At a booksigning today, I was surprised at how many wannabe writers thought we pub'd authors tweaked our nose, wrote a novel in a few days and got published just as fast. Good job.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Wonderful post, Fran, and you're right. Reaching for our dreams isn't easy, but I'm living proof that if you try you can succeed.

Elaine Cantrell